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Nile Sailing

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Nile Sailing

Travel in style and luxury, sailing along the Nile past beautiful timeless scenery in the time honoured fashion, aboard a sandale or dahabayah exploring temples and tombs along the way. Sandales are 2 masted sailing boats with 4 cabins, originally used to transport stone up and down the Nile.

Today they have been transformed into a luxurious mode of transport for those wishing to experience the real Egypt at a leisurely and relaxing pace . Dahabayas are bigger with 6 to10 cabins. At Edfu, explore the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus reputedly the best preserved temple in all of Egypt.

Visit Nile islands; dine aboard enjoying fresh and authentic Egyptian dishes under the star filled sky. At Gebel Silsila, walk through desert and climb gently for a stunning sunset view. In the evening, moored by the Chapel dedicated to the Pharaoh Horemheb we present an Egyptian party feast.

Visit the chapel before we set sail for Karmel Deep Island, we stay overnight at Menhah Island. After breakfast we sail to Kom Ombo.

Here nestled alongside the Nile is the Temple of Sobek & Horus the Elder. Kom Ombo is also famous for it’s daily souk al-gamal - visit this Camel market, on Sundays where up to 2,000 camels are on sale.

Accommodation for up to 8 persons

1 twin with en suite bathroom 1 double &

1 twin shared bathroom

2 convertible beds in the Salon

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